Wednesday, 21 May 2008


Hello and welcome,

This is our new blog set up by one of our Saturday Club parents along with our snazzy new website.

This is where you - the customers -
get to write your comments and leave us feedback about your session or time at the centre.

Please leave us some feedba
ck about what you thought of the session, if you really enjoyed one part in particular or if you just liked the session as a whole then thats great! If you didn't like something still let us know so we can help make the session more enjoyable for you. Or if you are one of our regulars at the centre then let us know what you like to do or see in the future and we can do our best to make it happen!

At the end of day guys if you don't ask you won't get!

Thanks for visiting our new website and blog, please let us know what you think!

Adam - (support coach)


Anonymous said...

Tip for parents: Drop your kids off at Saturday Club and go and do the weekly shop, what it costs in kayaking you'll save in chocolate biscuits, just don't tell the kids!

Nice picture Adam, where's the helmet?

Do I get a prize for the first comment?


HARDWARE said...

Canoeing is a great sport. everytime I go down I always have a great time and always get on with everyone. All the coaches are great people. Martin and Rose are great lovley people and great coaches. You can always be sure to have good time and make new friends. The only thing that can let you down is the weather.

SHELL said...

A HUGE THANKYOU to Rose Martin all the instructors,helpers and of course Adam and Nick;for a great day and great fundraising!
I was mobbed this morning at school by parents still excited and enthusiastic from yesterday!
Lots of people want to come back for more (have told them about Saturday).
THANX again, see you saturday love Shell.

Lou said...

St.Francis Church had a fund raising event at the canoe centre on 13th July, this was an amazing success raising more than £770.

Our thanks and gratitude go to the Boss Rose, her side-kick Martin and all the other instructors and helpers in making the day run smoothly and helping everyone enjoy their time on the water. You are all an amazing team and we really appreciate the time and energy given in making this day enjoyable for children and adults alike.

Everyone already wants tickets for the next one!

Thanks again for such a great day.

Lou, Dave and Bea.

p.s. please thank Nick and Adam for making so much on the stocks. It's a shame Martin wasn't in them, we'd have made a fortune!

(It's a good job we kept the noise levels down!)

Anonymous said...

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